Our Beverly Hills 6750

Beverly Hills 6750 Multi-Specialty Aesthetic Institute is one of Asia's premiere centers dedicated to excellence in aesthetic services and positive transformation in our patients’ lives.

Our services include aesthetic plastic surgery, aesthetic dermatology, cosmetic dentistry, cosmetic gynecology, weight loss management and weight loss surgery, and varicose veins treatments.

We take pride in our modern facilities that includes the industry's leading technologies. Our fully accredited surgery center upholds the highest standards to ensure our patients of their well being.

Beyond all of this, it is our personal touch that we are proud of. Our core groups of surgeons, dermatologists, dentists and anesthesiologists have been carefully selected, bringing with them impeccable credentials and many years of experience and expertise.

Moreover, the Corporate Philosophy of the company entails POSITIVE TRANSFORMATION, not only in the aesthetic aspect but also in the individuals’ character, confidence, and self-esteem.

In this pursuit, here at Beverly Hills 6750, we build healing partnerships with you based on trust, communication and ethical conduct. And we make sure we give you a pleasurable experience with the assurance of your safety and confidentiality.