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Margaret, 38

I never really had a problem with my figure, especially after giving birth to three beautiful girls and one very handsome boy because I've always managed to keep the extra baby-weight off. However, no matter how much I try, I can't seem to get rid of that extra sac of skin in my tummy, so I felt relieved when I consulted with the plastic surgeon of Beverly Hills 6750 because he told me that most of his "tummy tuck" patients are mothers who have given birth to two or more children and are ready to finally lose that stubborn pouch forever. Now, I no longer have to worry about fitting into those tight-fitted tops. I definitely feel like one hot momma!


Dayanara Torres, International Star

Former Miss Universe, Dayanara Torres came to Manila, not only for a visit, but also to shoot a television commercial for Beverly Hills 6750 Cosmetic Surgery and Skin Institute.

Dayanara left Manila eight years ago, leaving behind a flourishing career on television (she was a contract star of ABS-CBN) and a romantic liaison with then one of the most eligible bachelors in show business, Aga Muhlach, who is now married to former Bb. Pilipinas-Universe Charlene Gonzales.

So, why did she accept Beverly Hills 6750'™s offer? "I am beyond excited to be returning and so thankful that I was invited and had a window of time in my calendar that allowed me to do it. I have missed so many things about the Philippines, it is a beautiful place that I called home for four years, but what I miss the most is the warmth of the people," Dayanara said, without pause.

Adding, she said, "I only take on endorsements that I wholeheartedly believe in and that I can be proud to be a part of. For myself, I've had skin care and dental treatments at Beverly Hills 6750 and they are truly world-class services."

She adds further, "The beauty of this campaign is that it has several beneficial aspects. Not only the importance of people having a professional, reputable place like Beverly Hills 6750 to rejuvenate and beautify themselves, which in turn will help with their self-esteem, confidence and feeling good, but also the goal of developing medical tourism in the Philippines."

The former Miss Universe seemed to have fond memories of the Philippines, "As someone who was not born here, I experienced first-hand all that it has to offer. People in Asia and around the world need to know that they can come and experience the Philippines and get topnotch world-class beauty treatments at the same time."


Carina, 39

I went to a surgeon who happens to be an acquaintance and asked him if he could give me a discounted price to have my breasts enlarged. Unfortunately, I was unhappy with the results because the procedure left my breasts looking very unnatural. Good thing I went to Beverly Hills 6750 for my breast augmentation revision. They took very good care of me and made sure that my implants were placed in such a way that made my breasts look like I was actually born with them—natural and almost scarless!


Michelle Bumgarner, 22

Being a race car driver competing at an international level can take its toll on one’s body and health. That’s why whenever I’m on a break from my grueling schedule and can afford to come home to the Philippines, I do so. Being with family and friends is a great stress soother.

One of the perks I enjoy, when I’m home is being able to pamper myself with the facial treatments at Beverly Hills 6750. Whether it’s the microdermabrasion, or the hydroxygen jet peel or the IPL photo-rejuvenation …they all help to restore my skin’s suppleness, smoothness and clarity.

Thanks Team Beverly Hills 6750!


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