Weight Loss and Body Contouring

Meta-Morph Medical Weight Management Program

The BH-Meta Morph Medical Weight Management Program is a comprehensive assessment, prescription and implementation of weight loss therapies that provide an end-to-end solution to weight loss. The Meta Morph Program not only involves the usual dietary and exercise strategies, but also focuses strongly on behavioral modification, mental discipline, endocrine evaluation  and metabolic support. The use of radiofrequency technology (Accent™) to jump-start the process of weight loss and imprint motivation is also an offered strategy, although optional. The use of pharmacologic agents, such as appetite suppressants, is limited and selectively prescribed for patients who meet strict criteria.

Curvex Advanced Facial and Body Contouring 

The  first in  the country,  this 4-in-1 technological combination of Ultrasonic Cavitation,Multi-polar Radio-frequency, LED Photodynamic Treatment and Endermology Vacuum Massage allows for maximum treatment effectivity, giving you a sexier and firmer body, without the appearance of cellulite!

Accent Skin Tightening Facial and Body Contouring

The Accent (MSq-Alma) is a state-of–the art RF-heating device designed to safely and effectively address cellulite and fat reduction. In just a few sessions the Accent delivers high quality results, with no adverse side effects and no downtime. The result is skin smoothening, reduction of cellulite, skin rejuvenation and skin tightening.

Apollo Skin Tightenig Facial and Body Contouring

The Apollo TM, powered by Tripolar TM technology, is a safe and effective device for the treatment of excess fat and for body contouring. The treatment is painless and pleasant even when performed on sensitive areas with sagging and loose skin such as the inner thighs, arms,  and the face. The treatment is suitable for patients post pregnancy, liposuction, or who had dramatic weight with resulting loose skin. 

Whole Body Vibration Plate

Meta-Cell Booster

IV L-Carnitine Injections

Is an intravenous injection used  increase metabolism and to burn fat more efficiently.